‘I will not retire from boxing’ – Pacquiao

SEN. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao on Tuesday said he is not yet retiring from professional boxing.

The senator made the remark when asked to comment on some proposals for him to retire.

Asked about his health, Pacquiao said, “Masakit pa ‘yung katawan ko dahil dalawang araw pa lang eh. Pero okey lang (My body still aches because it has been just two days [after the fight]. But, it’s okey.”

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“Ayos naman ako. Malakas lang talaga si Thurman. Iba rin ‘yung mga suntok niya. Heavy handed siya (I’m okey. Thurman is really strong. His punches were quite different. He’s heavy-handed.”

Pressed to comment on Coach Freddie Roach that he should already consider retirement, Pacquiao said, “Hindi pa. Masaya pa akong lumalaban (Not yet. I’m still happy fighting [in the ring]).”

Keith Thurman’s mouthpiece flies off his mouth after receiving a solid right from Manny Pacquiao during their titular showdown on Sunday (Philippine time) at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. PHOTO BY WENDELL ALINEA

“Depende siguro. Okey naman ‘yung performance ko. Kailangan i-manage pa ‘yung time (It depends. My performance is still okey. There is still a need to manage my time).

Pacquiao said he sustained a “blackeye” from his boxing match with Thurman and his eyesight was not severely affected.

Asked how many major fights he intend to pursue, Pacquiao said, “Mga ilan na lang (Just a few more). [It will be] At the right time. Sa ngayon wala pa (Right now, there’s none).”

“[It will be] Not this year. Magiging busy tayo this year kasi mag-ba budgeting na. Back to work muna tayo. Marami pa tayong dapat gawin na trabaho (We will become busy this year because of the budget season. We need to get back to work. We have a lot work to do).”

“At 40 years old I can still fight someone who is 10 years younger than me. i can still give a good fight and entertain the fans,” Pacquiao said.

“The abilities and skills that I have earned from the Lord. My ability and my power are given by God and I believe that ability and power and responsibility has a purpose,” he said.

“And that purpose I believe that to inspire the people and I continue my boxing career for a purpose to inspire our people to rise above their limitations and overcome their circumstances,” Pacquiao added.

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